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Do Not Bounce

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Mr. Fantasy
20 August


(updated Feb 28, 2007)
24, 30 days, 30 rock, aimee mann, air america radio, american dad, arrested development, beer, ben folds, bicycling, brainshare, brewpubs, car talk, chair throwing, cheese, chinese food, cisco, coffee, compact discs, computers, cooking, cp/m, crow t. robot, csi, dada, dire straits, directory services, dirxml, drew university, edirectory, educause, elvis costello, emerson lake and palmer, everwood, evil robots, extra virgin olive oil, family guy, firefly, food network, futurama, gardening, garlic, genesis, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, godspeed you black emperor, good eats, google, graham maby, greg the bunny, gypsum lath, happy flowers, hardwood floors, hgtv, hiking, history detectives, home improvement, house hunters, ichain, indian food, infantile myofibromatosis, jill sobule, joe jackson, johnny carson, jon stewart, kate bush, kaypro, king of the hill, kitchen knives, kitchens, kuro box, kurt vonnegut, lally columns, laurie anderson, ldap, loreena mckennitt, malcolm in the middle, manual transmissions, marillion, monk, morris county, music, mystery science theater 3000, national public radio, natural foods, netmail, netware, networking, new jersey, newsradio, nextstep, nip/tuck, nomad zen, novell, novell cluster services, old houses, open enterprise server, openvms, pecorino romano, perl, peter gabriel, phil hartman, php, physics, porcupine tree, progressive rock, public humiliation, public speaking, quantum chromodynamics, real estate, robin williams, rush, russell sprague, sarah mclachlan, scrubs, seitan, single malt scotch, south park, squeezebox2, stainless steel appliances, steve martin, steve winwood, steven wright, storage area networks, styx, subaru forester, tempeh, thai food, thatched roof cottages, the police, the simpsons, the west wing, they might be giants, this old house, tofu, tofu jerky, tom servo, traffic, trogdor, vintage vinyl, warren zevon, yes, zenworks

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