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There are things I want, but I shouldn't really buy:

1) The Denon AVR-3805. This all stemmed from wanting to play music from the SqueezeBox in our living room. I either need a line out on my current receiver, a new SqueezeBox in the living room, or a speaker switchbox. The latter two options still cost several hundred dollars, and for a few hundred more I could just get a new receiver. This Denon is the sweet spot in terms of price and audio quality (the next class up is almost $1000 more and their top of the line stuff is $6000) and then I'd have a very decent receiver in the living room (I'd put my current one in there) and have my college one to put in the bedroom or the kid's room or something. But it's completely frivolous--I have no proof that I would in fact listen to the stereo in the living room. I'd probably use it the few times I'm home alone doing things like housework. I guess I might sit in the living room listening to music while the wife or kid is watching TV in the family room. And if I get it then I'm going to want new speakers in the family room, and then put the old ones in the living room. But those can wait--my speakers will be good enough for quite some time.

2) Speaking of TV, this one is pretty cool. It's like $1600, but it's an actual 1920x1080 LCD flat panel (most LCD TVs are 1366x768 which is lame-o) with all the HD stuff. But I just got a new TV a year and a half ago and it's really good. So I'm just being frivolous. I don't even have any HD sources to watch. I'm also constrained since we bought the really nice cabinet I need a TV that's less than 39 or 40 inches across to fit in it. But, come on, this is just silly of me.

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