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The Phantom Lowe's

On Thursday, I was driving back from Baltimore with my boss. We were heading up the Parkway, and getting ready to take exit 142, as is the custom in these parts. Just before the toll booths, through a clearing, I saw it. A gleaming, bright Lowe's.

But how could this be? The closest Lowe's is in Piscataway. We used to shop there frequently. Not that we don't also shop at The Home Depot but Lowe's has some better and different stuff than Home Depot. (And, furthermore, we do shop quite a bit at our local hardware store--we bought all of our paint there--but sometimes you need a major home center too. We really haven't gone much at all since we moved--we actually went to the one near where my wife works a few times but that's about it.

If there had been a Lowe's in Union all this time I would feel slighted. So I go online, and sure enough, there is one but it's not open yet. I called them yesterday and they're opening "next week" which we took to mean they'll be open this coming weekend. Considering we need a chandelier, this is a good thing. Lowe's seems to have more and better lighting than Home Depot.

Most importantly, it meant I did not hallucinate an entire Lowe's. That would have been just scary.

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