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Good intentions

I was all set to go go kingfox's birthday party last night. We put the kid to bed and I was going to head out.

What was that sound? Sleet, hitting the windows. Wind like crazy.

I thought about taking the train but as I didn't want to stay out past midnight that would have entailed getting there, saying hi, and turning right back around.

I also was coming down with a cold. I know I didn't have the wherewithal to drive in windy, icy conditions.

I had to make the call to stay home.

I was glad I did when at 9:30 there was an inch of snow on the ground and the puddle in our backyard had already frozen solid. I had visions of me sliding off the Pulaski Skyway.

So, kingfox, the jinx is intact. I still haven't seen your apartment. Someday. We'll come to Hoboken and you can take us to your favorite lunch/dinner place. Or something. Or perhaps you can start a party more than 1 hour before bedtime.

This morning my head is huge and my throat is on fire. So I clearly made the right choice. But I'm still disappointed.
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