Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


Here's the sum total of my exciting, thrilling weekend:

Friday night: Went out for Indian food at our favorite Indian restaurant in Warren. I had Muglai Paneer Tikka, which is this excellent dish of paneer cheese, peppers, and onions, with a great tikka sauce, cooked in the tandoor. It's smokey, chewey, crispy, and spicy. Mmmm. Went home and watched TV.

Saturday: Woke up. Ate breakfast. Hung around the house. Went out, bought shirts, went to the library and picked up a DVD on reserve, then went to Sears where the wife got the anti-theft tag removed from a blazer she bought a few weeks ago and didn't realize it was still on until she went to wear it, then to Target where I bought a watchband, bathroom rugs, wiper blades, potato chips, and the wife got a correction fluid pen. Went home, cooked dinner (a sort of stew of tempeh and mixed vegetables in a vegetarian gravy served over couscous) then watched TV (Trading Spaces!) and went to sleep early.

Sunday: Slept until like 10 in the morning. Got online and started kicking servers like yip dogs, made breakfast (our classic scrambled tofu), then made "For Sale" signs for the old car, put them on the car, went to New Brunswick, the wife returned tons of library books she uses for grad school and is done with, put for sale signs up at Rutgers, went shopping at the Co-op, put signs up there, got gas, had gas station attendant ask "What is your final price?" to which I'm like "Fill it up and then tell me" until I realized he was talking about the car, after which he then explained he was asking for a friend, we said "We'll see", gave the gas station attendant a "For Sale" sign, drove home. Unpacked groceries, then cleaned bathroom and put in chlorine filter we bought for the shower to make it so that the wife's legs do not itch like crazy for half an hour whenever she showers in the winter, then went running, came home, showered, ate dinner (pasta and sauce) and then am here now.

Don't you want to be me?

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