Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Better Living Through Dentistry



I was about 8 years old. I still fit in the basket of a shopping cart. We were at the grocery store. My older brother was playing around, and spun the cart. It was top heavy and tipped over, my face hitting the ground and chipping up my 2 front teeth.

I didn't even get to have them fixed until about 2 years later. I have school pictures with pointy, ragged front teeth. I look great. I got bondings, which were very new at the time. In a few years they had turned an ugly brown, but remained intact.

I broke one tooth's bonding off in graduate school, stripping wires with my teeth in electronics lab. I went to the campus health center and the dentist there replaced the bonding. He said, ideally, I should have the teeth ground down, porcelain crowns put in, and while I was at it redo the small teeth next to my front teeth. When the dentist left the dental hygienist told me not to do it.

I stayed away from dentists until about 5 years ago when I finally got my teeth cleaned. My dentist then again said grind down the teeth, put in crowns, and fix your dinky teeth on the side. Again the hygienist said don't do it, keep your natural teeth as intact as possible. I didn't do it.

I got a new dentist this year in town. He said, hey, don't get crowns, we can grind off the old bondings and put new ones on, you'll look great.

So I did it. Again, though, he wanted to beef up the adjacent teeth, but this time with bonding compound. I decided against it. Again, when the dentist left, the hygienist said don't do it, once you start something like that you have to keep getting work done to maintain it, and since you have healthy, intact teeth, it'd be foolish.

I suppose if I were a movie star or politician, I'd think differently. My teeth aren't beautiful, but with the bondings repaired they at least look clean and healthy, which they are. The pictures don't really do the difference justice. The 25 year old bonding made my tooth look rotten. The other had a discolored line along the seam. All of that is gone now. You wouldn't know if I didn't tell you, or I suppose if you were a dental professional and were looking closely at my mouth.

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