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Yes, a milestone in the mrfantasy household. We got a babysitter and went all the way into the city to see a Broadway play. A few months ago we got tickets for Spamalot We picked last night because it was the night of Yom Kippur, the wife had off today, and it was about the earliest evening tickets we could find.

We almost didn't make it in on time--we left the house a little after 6 for an 8 o'clock curtain, and the weather was horrid, so we were going slow, and the radio was reporting 45 minute delays at the Lincoln Tunnel (1-2 hours at the Holland because the covered roadway portion of 1-9 was flooded). We got to the stopped traffic at the Lincoln around 7, which would mean we wouldn't even hit Manhattan until 7:45, and then park, find the theatre, and they wouldn't let us sit once the show started. However, the line to the tunnel took 20 minutes so we had plenty of time, getting to the theatre around 7:40.

The show? Yeah, it was funny. In a lot of ways it was a mess, a bit disjointed, things really fall apart in the 2nd act, and the bits that are lifted from the film are disconcerting because the pacing and intonation are a bit off, as well as the fact that they changed the dialog in random and/or gratuitous ways. At one point I was mad that they were messing with Monty Python but I then realized how silly that was. But there were plenty of the trappings of a modern, tourist-friendly Broadway show to ensure this will be running for years to come.

Sara Ramirez, playing the Lady of the Lake, was damn funny as a frustrated diva doing Liza, Cher, etc. Incredible vocal talent.

David Hyde Pierce was very good for the most part, but I had wished he had this amazing theatrical singing voice, which he completely didn't. It was that sort of half-speaking thing which he was good at, but for some reason I was hoping for a nearly operatic tenor. Oh well. Still very funny with accents and whatnot.

This is Alan Tudyk month for us with this and Serenity. He was an excellent Sir Lancelot with a surprise twist (he's gay!)

Tim Curry was a good King Arthur. Looked good in the chain mail.

There was a song about how you can only be successful on Broadway if you have Jews, which I thought was funny considering we were there on Yom Kippur.

We had a pole in front of us. I guess I now know why the seats were still available. But it wasn't too bad and we switched between acts so we both could see for part of it.

Overall, I kept thinking that origamislayer and stitchintyme would enjoy it although for slightly different reasons.

So it was a great night out. Considering it cost several hundred dollars factoring in tickets, parking, babysitting, etc. we've decided Broadway is perhaps a 3 time a year treat. Maybe when the kid is older we can do matinees from TKTS and take the train in which will keep the costs down. We're hoping for a great fall day on the weekend so we can take the kid to the city for a day of fun (trains! Subway! Central Park!)

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