Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Up early

Found an FTP site here where I was getting close to 500KBps on the RedHat 8 downloads. I'm burning the last CD now.

Damn cat woke us up at 4am, I looked at my pager, saw we had had a crash, went online and fixed it all up. Didn't really get back to sleep, so here I am downloading Red Hat.

I got a ticket for the East Rutherford, NJ Peter Gabriel show. I got what I think will be a 10th row seat on the floor. Not cheap, but since the wife already said it wasn't worth it for her to go, I figured I'd treat myself. And of course I'll be getting a t-shirt and program too, so the total cost of this evening will be quite expensive, but almost certainly worth it. He's one of my favorite artists and I've only seen him once, so if you consider the total amount I've spent to see him live it's less than Joe Jackson, Marillion or Yes. Especially Marillion if you count plane fare.

I'm looking at the tour stops for the PG tour, and one troubles me. I'm a little concerned that the man who wrote San Jacinto is playing at Mohegan Sun Casino. I'm sure it's a fine venue and all that, but the symbolism is disturbing.

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