Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Verbal Advantage

I listen to Air America Radio in the car, and they have lots of ads.

(As an aside, they have ads for some of the same things the crazy right-wing commentators have. It seems AM radio is a haven for shysters and charlatans. Hypnosis, H-57 Hudia, that guy who write the book of natural cures, and the following.)

Verbal Advantage is a set of CDs that is supposed to help you "talk right". We are told by the announcer (who sort of sounds like a Phil Hartman voice, but deeper and older, perhaps a Phil Hartman with a sprinkle of Scott Muni) that using the Verbal Advantage system will enable you to command respect, get promotions, and (although not explicitly said) get you laid.

So he tells you about how it works. "While you listen," he says, telling you how you'll learn.

The way the announcer says "While you listen," it sounds like "Why you listen." "Hey, man, why you listen!" This makes me unable to take the ad seriously. The announcer completely doesn't pronounce the "l" sound, and although it's subtle, it's completely necessary, and a perfect example of something you should enunciate impeccably.

So I now have the persistent image of a guy who looks like Scott Muni and Phil Hartman (and yes, I know they're both dead) walking around an urban streetscape saying "Why you listen!" to his homies.

Certainly not what they intended.

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