Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


I am a Marillion geek. I belong to the Front Row Club which means every 2 or 3 months I get a live CD from the band. This one is the Philly show from last year, which I went to, and which was the best Marillion show I've ever been to. I was right in front of Steve Rothery and he was on fire. The whole band was.

I was off work today so I got to blast it really loud on the stereo while I was housecleaning. It sounded so good. I'm pretty sure I can hear myself cheering. I do a particular sort of cheer that no one else does so it's easy to pick out of a crowd. This was the show where everyone cheered about 10 minutes after the end of the show, after the house lights and after show music came up (Cat Stevens in honor of the band being on the plane he was on when his flight got diverted), and the band came out and did another song, which the audience sung the first half of without Steve Hogarth. Again, if I fantasize I think I can here myself. (I mean really, I was right in front, although not near a mike since Rothery doesn't sing. But I was aiming for the mike so maybe, just maybe. . .)

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