Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


Please note that while Gary Numan had a song called "Cars", The Cars did not ever make a song called "Gary Numan."

So my wife's cruise control stopped working. I brought it to the mechanic, and told him only fix it if it's something simple, because it's possible by tomorrow evening we will have a brand new car and won't need this stinkin' car anymore. So, he tried all the simple stuff that wouldn't cost money and it didn't help, so he didn't fix it. While he was test driving it though something wasn't right so he put it up on the lift and one of the tires' belts had separated and the tire was all lumpy and stuff. Bad enough that it would have been irresponsible for him to let me drive home on it. So now I've got two new tires (really need to replace them in pairs) on a car that we're getting rid of soon. Since I think we'll be selling it ourselves anyway, at least now we can say "Brand new tires!" and hope the prospective buyer doesn't try the cruise control, or doesn't care. I mean, if the dealer gives us real money on the trade in (after we've negotiated the price of the car--always make a deal on the car first without a trade in and then do that later, otherwise they just fudge the numbers to get what they want) then we'll do that, but I don't think many dealers want an 11 year old car unless they're very desperate to make a deal.

So anyone want to buy a car?

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