Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Gratuitious semi-famous people shots

Day 4 of Brainshare. Another presentation of mine went well, so I'm cool with that. Tonight was "Meet the Experts" night which is when you walk around getting important people (usually engineers and product managers) to agree to fix the things that are broken, or put new and exciting features in their product. It's fun.

That's Miguel de Icaza talking about Mono.

Hey, reverendted, you wanna make that gesture to the camera phone? (To be fair, I started it because he answered my question about WebDAV support in NLD with suggesting I use iFolder, which ended with me adjusting my glasses with my middle finger. He even had one of my friends relay "a message" over to me. Note to any Novell folks who may see this: Ted's really overall a class act, and a master at relating to diverse audiences. Flipping me the bird is thoroughly appropriate behavior.)

This is the fun stuff. Flying home tomorrow. I'll try and get pictures of them tearing everything down.

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