Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Another one in the bag

Ah, Wednesday. The keynote was fun. reverendted and nat_feed talked about new Groupwise which actually looks really good.

The warning sticker from the scooter used in the keynotes. It's got a control board with a wireless transmitter that authenticates to eDirectory and only turns on if you have the right key, are authorized, and are within a certain area. You can actually read the sticker and a transcription here on ZENworks PM Martin Buckley's blog. I'm going to try and be more retrusive from now on.

Microsoft had the audacity to rent a billboard truck and drive it around the Salt Palace. It's an ad telling NetWare 4 and 5 users to switch to Windows. They also had these ads all over the baggage claim when I flew in. Jerks. Although, the fact that Microsoft cares enough to do this must mean they're scared.

A different entrance to the Salt Palace. All hail the glorious worker!

There I am, presenting away! It went pretty well--I had 60 people signed up and maybe 25-30 actually there. They seemed to pay attention.

The band of the night was Train. They weren't bad, but they weren't really good, either. They just were. You've probably heard their songs on the radio. They did play their own instruments, which I admire, but for me they lacked a certain something.

And yes, they did the "let's bring a pretty woman up on stage and dance with her" thing. And put it on the screens.

The Delta Center sign says "NOVELL BRAINSHARE".

And, tonight, I've seen more rain in Utah than I ever have. It's starting to snow too. Yuck. Except for my walk to the convention center, however, I stay inside.

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