Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


1) Shook hands with Issac Asimov (this one's for you, yestthattom)
2) Had lunch with Dith Pran (subject of The Killing Fields)
3) Drove from Urbana, IL to Madison, NJ and back in a 40 hour trip (14 hour drive each way)
4) Had both my car's headlights shattered in a headwind
5) Rode my bike 111 miles at once
6) Shook hands with someone who would become VP elect 2 days later
7) Attempted to go to a rally for said VP a week earlier that was canceled because a crude bomb was found in the high school gymnasium
8) Had an article written about me in my high school newspaper, saying I was selected to go to some leadership training program, that then never happened
9) Lost out on going to Boys State on a coin flip (also high school)
10) Did things in places that are now offices of people I support that would make your toes curl

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