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I woke up yesterday morning dragging a bit more than usual, but figured it was tired from being up with the baby. I get ready, drop the kid at day care, and go to work. An hour of blankly staring at my monitor unable to accomplish anything, and an increasing feeling of malaise, makes me think I should go home. I drive home, a little dizzy at this point, and think maybe I should take my temperature. It's 104. I call my doctor and get a call from the nurse practitioner. We review my symptoms (fever, aches, sudden onset) and she decides it must be the flu despite my having gotten a flu shot. 3 days of bedrest, fluids, sleep, acetominophen and ibuprofen to keep the fever down.

I felt better by late afternoon, then my intestines start acting up. The intestinal component makes me think it's not good-old influenza but some sort of stomach bug. Rotavirus was going around daycare but the kid didn't get it. It could be something I ate, or gastroenteritis from something else I managed to touch or eat.

At any rate, I don't recommend it. Luckily, I've, shall I say, had enough warning before needing a bathroom, and the drugs do help, although I needed both to get the fever down. I didn't take them this morning to see how long I would last, and the answer was about noon.

I'm on the sofa, napping when I can. I'm now watching the Marillion DVDs I haven't had a chance to watch. Hopefully that will make me feel better. That, fluids and sleep. Oh, I also had some toast and juice.

I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I guess this is why sick days are different than vacation days.

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