Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

I feel so manly.

As faithful readers know, our oven died. So I bought the new igniter. It came Thursday and I installed it today. I had to take apart the whole bottom of the oven to get to it, take out the old one (which had a crack in its porcelain base, which was good to see because it made it likely it was broken), crimp the old connectors to the new igniter, put it in, and put it all back together, remembering how all the parts go, and doing it in the right order so that everything fits together. And I had no screws left over.

It works.

I know, I fix computers all the time, I'm a veritable management problem solver as well, but there's something about fixing an appliance--a gas-burning appliance at that--that feels so relatively primal. Hands on sheet metal, heat and fuel and electricity. Grrr.

Perhaps I'll make a quiche for dinner tonight.
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