Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

The oven died.

So, yesterday, I was cooking breakfast (French toast, really good French toast, but that's besides the point) yesterday, and I was putting them in the oven to keep warm after frying on the stove. Only the oven, it didn't get warm. Obviously the stove burners were working, and the oven broiler is working.

Samurai Appliance Repair Man says that when only your oven doesn't work, it's almost certainly due to a bad igniter. So I ordered one.

Much like in some ways I'm sort of the alpha sysadmin at work, I'm also the sysadmin of the house. I have taken responsibility for all of the mechanical and operational systems in the house. I find it fun as well as useful. This house is more complicated than our last one, with its gas fireplaces and air conditioning and 20 year old range. You see, I'm in a real pickle if the igniter doesn't fix it. We assumed we'd get a new range when we redid the kitchen, which we're probably not doing for another year (something about construction dust and not fully recovered toddler lungs), so if we need a new one, I can't get this one and would have to get this one since it'd be done to redo the cabinets and hood to fit the bigger one. And no, I don't want the 48" stove, I mean, that'd just be ostentatious. All these people with more than one oven, I proffer that maybe 5% of them have ever had them both going at once. So there you go.

I also want one of these and that was before watching Good Eats with caniswolfie. Not sure how you fit it in to the kitchen though.

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