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Jan. 1st, 2005 @ 01:02 pm Inane
Check out Fox News' Good News of 2004.

This underscores an important point about current conservative media and conservative punditry. Look closely at the article. It's talking about nothing that happened in 2004. If there are dates associated with anything, they end in 2000-2003. This is not an article about how great 2004 was, this is an article that things generally got better from 1970 to 2000 or so. We knew that. Republicans and conservatives can take very little credit for that. By calling this story what's good about 2004, there's a subtle but effective agenda to say that everything President Bush has done is responsible for these great advances, when in fact if you dig a little deeper you find just the opposite, that the first Bush term has rolled back a lot of these positive steps, and the second term only seems like it will accelerate this decline.

So, Fox News, and all your stupid Pollyanna conservative lie-spewing pundits, shut the fuck up. And happy new year.
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Date:January 3rd, 2005 06:48 am (UTC)


I wrote that article.

And if you read it, you'll see I mention many, many times that these are all long-term trends. That was kind of the whole point. In the intro graph, I said that good news happens over many years, sometimes decades. Bad news tends to happen more quickly. The point was that despite all the bad news that gets reported and has been reported this year, lots of good news lurks beneath the surface.

By the way, I opposed the war in Iraq. And I voted for Kerry.

So much for "Pollyanna conservative lie-spewing pundits," eh?
Date:January 4th, 2005 05:01 pm (UTC)

Re: Um...

I think that was a burn...

Hmm, yes, burn.