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Sep. 7th, 2002 @ 07:06 pm My trip to the record store
Current Mood: giddygiddy
So I went to Vintage Vinyl today. It's really my favorite record store at this point--I mean CD Exp--er, Madison Music and Computers is fine for used stuff, but their new selection isn't fully fleshed out, and they have no imports. So what I've pretty much taken to doing is waiting until about 3 or 4 new albums I want are out, then going to Vintage Vinyl and spending money. It's fun, and I inevitably pick up a few more things that I see that are absolutely fascinating. I didn't get any DVDs (there were some Joe Jackson and Yes DVDs that will probably make their way into my collection someday, but not yet. Gotta pace myself.

Hey, kingfox, remind me to loan you some Marillion CDs someday. I think of you when I go to Vintage Vinyl since it's in your old hometown. I suppose I should think of windexcowboy too.

Anyway, here's what I got. Haven't listened to anything yet, give me time:

Yes, In a Word: Yes (1969 -     ): A 5-disc box set with a 100 page booklet with things I haven't heard before. 5 new tracks, and lots of band history. Cameron Crowe writes the intro and says the scene in Almost Famous where the protagonist meets the band is exactly what happened when he met Yes for the first time as a teenage rock critic.

Spock's Beard, Snow (3 disc limited edition): I got into Spock's Beard after being really impressed by a Transatlantic show that I went to to see Marillion's Pete Trewavas. Neal Morse was really good. This one looks like fun--it's a 2 disc prog rock concept album. Looking through the liner notes it's clearly an homage to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway which if done correctly could be amazing.

Tony Levin, Pieces of the Sun: Mostly instrumental album with ex-Gabrielites Larry Fast and Jerry Marotta. Should be excellent.

Peter Gabriel, 1, 2 and So remasters: The PG remasters are absolutely beautiful and I've been picking up the limited edition digipaks of them which have extra pictures and are numbered and all that. I got the other three studio releases (3, Security, and Us) a few months ago. The remasters have really brought out a lot on the ones I've listened two so I'm hoping for similar great results on these.

Aimee Mann, Lost In Space: You can listen to this album on her website--which just wanted to make me buy it all the more. This I think is better than her last one which was amazing.

Beth Orton, Daybreaker: Her last one, Central Reservation really blew me away, so I'm thinking this will be great as well.

So the only disadvantage of buying so many albums at once means I've got to slog through them all. It will take me days. Hopefully I'll be able to listen to them at work.
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Date:September 9th, 2002 03:42 pm (UTC)
Living up north in the boonies of Morris County, I forget how wonderful of a resource that record store was. Being born and raised within miles from that place, I certainly took it for granted. Hell, I spent my preschool, kindergarden, and half of first grade years in the apartment complex right behind that complex. You can find so many treasures there.

towelboy has been sending me PG links all day long, saying I should look at the recordings of the live shows before he dies. Morbid little fan.