Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Listening to music

The boy and I are home alone tonight, so I've been spinning some CDs. I've gotten a few recently that haven't gotten the attention they deserve.

The new Finn Brothers CD, Everyone Is Here, is really, really good. I mean, I've got a Crowded House CD, saw them once (at Drew), but I'm not a hardcore fan. This album is just so darn good. Some vocal harmonies, unbelievably catchy melodies, and Mitchell Froom's production is just right.

I then put in the new William Shatner CD, but I had to stop it after a few minutes because the boy started screaming right around when Joe Jackson breaks in on the incredible cover of "Common People". Despite his reaction (he's 14 months old, this will perhaps need to grow on him, or him on it), this is a keeper, it's got Ben Folds all over it, and Shatner is an incredible vocal stylist. I'm not kidding. And his lyrics are actually good.

I then put in The Buggles' The Age of Plastic. Everyone should own this album. It's seen as a new wave masterpiece, but Geoff Downes' keyboards are way too proggy for that, if you listen closely enough. If you haven't heard "Video Killed the Radio Star" you've been in a cave for the last 25 years, and the other songs are fun technopop masterpieces. It's one of those albums that any synth-pop band of the 80s probably owes something to (this and also most prog rock albums, but that's a thesis for another post.) Amazon was selling an import remastered CD so I got it. My cassette is not as good as it used to be (it was one of those cool Island cassettes where the album was on it twice because it was short enough.) Anyway, into the Nomad Zen.

I've also got the new REM album here. I've listened to it once and it sounded fine. It didn't make me want to listen to it again, though. I'm not sure if I know what that means.

"Enjoy Every Sandwich" is the Warren Zevon tribute album. It's cool. The biggest surprise is not that Adam Sandler covered "Werewolves of London" but that he did it true to the original, and even kind of sounds like Warren. I also like the Wallflowers doing "Lawyers, Guns and Money" for some reason.

I will probably get the new U2 album. It sounds good even though they're cheap whores who have sold out to Apple. They've also been putting it all over the place. But kudos to them for doing 3 songs on SNL this week. It was live, too, I could tell.

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