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Debate IM transcript

Here's a running commentary on the debates by myself and Paul, whom you may know:

(21:16:24) Mike: The president can no longer say Osama bin Laden
(21:16:31) Paul: Hmm?
(21:16:35) Mike: He said "bin Laden" but he won't say the whole thing
(21:16:38) Paul: Yeah
(21:16:43) Paul: Well, you know the "B" plan
(21:16:48) Mike: He also made the Saddam mistake
(21:17:06) Paul: round up another bin laden and say they got him
(21:17:24) Mike: Yeah, there's like hundreds of them, shouldn't be hard.
(21:17:41) Paul: Geez, Kerry has the knives out.
(21:17:53) Mike: About fucking time
(21:18:02) Mike: So far, so good.
(21:18:24) Paul: Yup. Although I'm irritated that the moderator can't tell them they didn't answer the question. Bush didn.t
(21:18:35) Mike: Yeah. Kerry, mostly, has.
(21:18:53) Mike: I guess the moderator can always ask the question again if he wants
(21:19:03) Paul: Well, except then he looks like a dick.
(21:19:06) Mike: see the expression on Bush's face?
(21:19:21) Mike: I think that was bad.
(21:19:21) Paul: When?
(21:19:28) Paul: What channel do you have on?
(21:19:29) Mike: Just when Kerry was responding.
(21:19:31) Mike: PBS
(21:19:40) Mike: They're showing the person who's not talking
(21:20:09) Paul: Fox supposidly is as well
(21:20:22) Paul: Although they're probably going to play farting noises every time they show Kerry.
(21:20:37) Mike: Yeah, well, there's that.
(21:20:50) Paul: mmmm, opium.
(21:21:08) Mike: But Bush had this amazingly stupid expression, the smirk, but even worse because he was looking at the audience instead of Kerryl
(21:21:12) Mike: There it is again!
(21:21:41) Mike: Man, look at the guy when he's talking! It's like basic etiquette!
(21:22:22) Paul: Well, we are talking about a man who cleans his glasses on others' clothing.
(21:22:51) Mike: I know. It's one thing when it's on Letterman, another when it's a debate.
(21:23:20) Paul: Well, true. But then again, Bush thinks he's better than everyone.
(21:24:03) Mike: The pauses in Bush's speech are not working well for him, I don't think.
(21:24:17) Paul: And he's babbling.
(21:24:36) Mike: But will the public see it!
(21:27:22) Paul: Hey, he used a Lifeline!
(21:27:36) Paul: Too bad they don't have "Phone-a-Friend."
(21:27:47) Mike: I went to get some water, I have it paused so now I'm 30 seconds behind
(21:28:07) Mike: let's see if I see it
(21:28:36) Paul: It's the 1-minute extension.
(21:28:57) Mike: ah, I forgot about that one. Didn't watch the new Millionaire.
(21:30:48) Mike: oooh, smack!
(21:30:55) Mike: Magnitude of mistakes!
(21:31:06) Paul: What the fuck is wrong with Bush's left eyebrow, anyway?
(21:31:13) Mike: You're just noticing that?
(21:31:35) Paul: No, just mentioning it.
(21:32:25) Mike: I wish Tivo would play audio when you fast forward--I could catch right back up
(21:33:01) Mike: Bush's last remark about the Commander-in-Chief saying the war was a mistake was a bit desperate.
(21:33:51) Mike: Bush's left side of his face, the whole thing, it's drooping
(21:34:02) Mike: Like too much Botox, or a facial injury
(21:34:25) Mike: "I know how these people think!"
(21:34:26) Paul: It's kind of slack,
(21:34:30) Paul: It could be medication.
(21:34:39) Paul: There are a few rumors about that.
(21:35:37) Mike: I'm going back to Bush referring to world leaders as "these people"
(21:36:07) Paul: Yeah, well
(21:36:58) Mike: "I see on the TV screens how hard it is"
(21:37:03) Mike: Maybe, you should go?
(21:37:10) Mike: Maybe, go to a funeral or 1,000?
(21:37:43) Paul: Bush broke format!
(21:37:56) Mike: Oh, crap, it'll happen in a minute for me!
(21:38:07) Mike: Well, he asked Kerry a question before anyway
(21:42:13) Mike: So, I'm looking at and the Douchebag of Liberty at
(21:42:22) Mike: Begala makes the point that Bush is on the defensive
(21:42:41) Mike: That's a bad thing for Bush
(21:43:00) Paul: Yup.
(21:43:23) Mike: He's bad on the defensive, becuase his confidence is idiotic
(21:43:54) Paul: Well, the "kerry is attacking the troops" bit got old.
(21:44:30) Mike: Kerry could have been harsher, but he handled it.
(21:44:44) Mike: This "you cannot change positions" bullshit is really crap
(21:44:58) Mike: Unfortunately, I think some people actually think that's a good idea.
(21:45:30) Mike: Did you know it's hard work?
(21:45:38) Mike: Did he just imply he made love to a widow?
(21:45:58) Mike: I'm gonna have to go back to that one, but I don't want to fall farther behind right now
(21:46:28) Mike: Apparently liberty is something you put on toast, with freedom. Some sort of liberty and freedom sandwich
(21:47:31) Paul: guuuys, being president is haaard!
(21:47:50) Mike: New President Bush Barbie!
(21:47:59) Mike: With flight suit!
(21:48:33) Mike: "More of the same" -- nice
(21:49:05) Paul: Well, Ken, really
(21:49:18) Mike: Third time he's said he can't say the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time
(21:49:19) Paul: It goes with "George W. Bush cheerleader Ken"
(21:49:35) Mike: Kerry just referred to the Pottery Barn
(21:53:44) Mike: I think if you make Bush do nothing but repeat how determined and headstrong he is, it's bad for him
(21:54:00) Mike: I think Kerry could make him do this for the next 5 weeks if they play it right
(21:54:05) Paul: Yup.
(21:55:01) Mike: Wow, I mean, this may be a serious gap in the armor.
(21:55:37) Mike: The deeper you try and get with him, the more he just repeats crap about resolve and never changing your mind
(21:56:13) Paul: And if something happens in the next few weeks to change policy, he looks like an ass . . .
(21:56:23) Mike: Yeah, and it's almost inevitable
(21:56:40) Mike: Look at Libya! They're our friends now!
(21:57:00) Mike: We flip-flopped on Libya! They used to be our enemy, now they're our friend!
(21:57:03) Mike: That's not resolve!
(21:57:42) Mike: I like Kerry's use of "outsourcing"
(21:57:53) Paul: Heh
(21:57:53) Mike: nice way to bring that point into the national security debate
(21:58:16) Paul: So, is it me, or does Bush look bored every time Kerry speaks?
(21:58:27) Mike: Easily.
(21:58:53) Mike: At this point, I don't think Kerry's looking too bookish, and Bush is looking a bit like a lunatic.
(21:59:04) Mike: "he would have made weapons!"
(21:59:12) Mike: Pointed sticks!
(21:59:26) Paul: Shut up!
(22:00:46) Mike: I mean, I'm really not feeling like Kerry is squandering an opportunity the way Gore did.
(22:02:05) Mike: "what's the global test? Is that multiple choice? Open book?"
(22:02:31) Mike: It's not that you didn't sign treaties, it's that you don't enforce the ones that others signed, fuckhead
(22:05:19) Mike: I barely recognized Jiang Zemin's name
(22:05:41) Mike: He sounded like the name of a Texas cowboy the way Bush said it
(22:06:20) Mike: John "The Ribeye" Zeman
(22:07:07) Mike: Bush keeps talking back
(22:07:24) Paul: At this point, though, it looks like part of the debate format.
(22:07:39) Paul: He's doing it so often it barely stands out unless you're looking for it
(22:08:05) Mike: Can he study how to pronounce world leaders' names, just a little, please?
(22:08:18) Paul: Well, it's hard work.
(22:08:48) Mike: I guess if he started pronouncing them correctly, that wouldn't show determination
(22:09:08) Paul: Well, it plays well with the "we don't like them furriners" crowd.
(22:09:18) Mike: Yeah, I know
(22:09:54) Mike: And that crowd votes
(22:10:00) Mike: Gotta get the other people out
(22:13:37) Mike: "mexed missages"
(22:13:46) Mike: "mixed missages"
(22:13:53) Paul: I've been waiting for that one the whole time
(22:13:55) Mike: "mexed messages"
(22:14:00) Paul: You could see it coming . . .
(22:14:58) Paul: I do like the way Kerry keeps invoking Colin Powell, and Bush hasn't mentioned him.
(22:15:13) Mike: Again, Bush, shut the hell up when Kerry's talking!
(22:15:13) Paul: I'm going to need to look at a transcript.
(22:15:24) Mike: I'm pretty sure you're right.
(22:15:37) Mike: I don't think Bush has named anyone in his cabinet
(22:15:43) Mike: the FBI director doesn't count
(22:16:10) Mike: Now we can shift tactics, but not change your mind
(22:16:16) Mike: How does that work, exactly?
(22:16:25) Mike: How does Bush know Kerry changes his core values?
(22:16:46) Paul: He has the power to see into people's souls and knows good from evil, didn't you know?
(22:17:03) Paul: He bought glasses that do it in the back of a comic book.

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