Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Unexpected day off

I was just going to come in late--the new entertainment center was being delivered.

A saga in and among itself. I decided I wanted a 32" TV and a progressive scan DVD changer. Months ago. I almost bought a 32" Sony when I realized you need an HDTV (or EDTV but that's crap) set to watch progressive scan images from your DVD player. So I thought we'd get a Sony KV-32HS510 but they were kind of pricey. More importantly, they're almost 24 inches deep.

Most entertainment centers out there only have room for a TV that's 19 or 20 inches deep. We looked at a lot of entertainment centers. We finally found a manufacturer that sells entertainment centers that are either big enough, or let you modify them to fit for a reasonable cost. Reasonable of course being relative for good furniture--this is not a $150 Sauder particleboard special, we're talking real oak and oak plywood (they do cherry and maple too, which are not only more expensive, but not our style.)

So we order the entertainment center. In the interim, Sony makes the KV-32HS420 which is a very similar TV for quite a bit less money (including the large dimensions), so we decide on that. I finally found it on sale at Circuit City with free delivery (the thing's like 160 pounds, so yeah.)

Today was the big day--the entertainment center in the morning, the TV in the afternoon. Sunday night we moved our old entertainment center into the living room in the corner, as well as the old DVD player and CD changer (remember, I'm replacing them with the Panasonic 5 disc progressive scan CD/DVD changer. We'll need a new entertainment center for the living room too-since our TV goes on top of it, it's way too big. A smaller, corner cabinet center for the TV will be fine, and since the old TV is of normal dimensions, we can get it anywhere.)

Anyway, I call in the morning, and they say it will come between 10:30 and 12. The TV was scheduled for 3:30 to 5:30, so perfect. The furniture guys don't show up until 1:30. They get the thing in like the sofa got into our living room--over the railing on the back porch into the back door (the doorways from the rest of the house into the living room are too narrow.) It's gorgeous, hefty, clean lines, solid wood all around. A beautiful piece of work.

At this point, I figure it's not worth trying to get to work, and proceed to assemble the components. I plan it out, figure out how everything will work, run all the cables in the right order, reposition the shelves, and get everything set as the guys from Circuit City show up. Big Slavic guys, pull the TV out of the box and carry it into the house, and into the center. Put all the cables together, turn it on.

The on-screen display was smeared and washed out. It reminded me of the time I spoke at Brainshare and one of the VGA switchboxes was broken, and things were blurry and bright. They call their boss, pack it back up and go away. I'm obviously upset, but not at them (I don't think it's their fault, it's not like they dropped it or kicked it, at least not that I saw.) By the way, the TV fit perfectly, it was beautiful.

So now we'll try again with a new TV Wednesday. I don't know if I'll have to take time off, but that's a 2 hour window, hopefully.

So that was my day.

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