Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Projects finished

I finally hooked up my rear speakers today.

Yeah, we've been in the house a year. I've had other priorities. It came to a head when I realized our new entertainment center was going to be here in 2 weeks. Also, my wife wanted to see Return of the King, and I didn't want to get the DVD until we had all 4 speakers in, and she goes back to school next week. it was now or never.

It took several hours. I had to go in to two separate adjacent crawl spaces, and I had to line the first with polyethylene (another delayed project) before I could really get going. The polyethylene is to cover the dirt floor of the crawl space, covering it means less moisture and mustiness. I think it's making a difference already. So that's good.

I had to hack, drill, chisel, and wiggle to get a gap by the fireplace to run the wires up to the entertainment center. It was harder than I expected because the floor is something like 2 inches thick, built up from an old porch which was originally on the back of the house. I learned bits and pieces about our house. I saw where the termites came in and did the termite damage we knew about when we moved in. No more termites, but debris that they could use as a base of operations. I took it all out.

The other crawl space is the length of our family room/kitchenette and is floored with concrete. It was refreshingly cool when I entered it. As I drilled and pulled the speaker wires, I had to contend with the ducts for the family room vents. One of the ducts wasn't attached to the vent, and was only getting air by association, and probably explained the refreshing coolness of the crawl space. So I taped it back together. It also occured to me that this vent may have been what was causing the draftiness of the family room fireplace. We'll have to see when it gets cold again.

Anyway, I got the speakers wired. Tested it out with "Growing Up Live". Peter Gabriel in dts 5.1 is great. Good stuff.

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