Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

I thought I had lost it.

One time when origamislayer came to visit (back in April, I believe) he brought a lovely gift that stitchinthyme got from her place of work. I was now the proud owner of a beautiful indigo plastic and stainless steel travel mug with the AOL dude on it.

At first I wasn't sure what to do, but my ceramic Novell coffee mug broke one morning, falling out of my three year old Novell bag when its shoulder strap broke, the mug crashing messily on our brick steps, and I needed a new mug. I decided the Running Man was my new logo, its delicate irony keeping my coffee warm and somewhat spill-proof.

It went everywhere around me at work, full of coffee in the morning, water in the afternoon (did I mention that one of my new initiatives as a new director was a water cooler? You would not believe what it does for morale.) Into server rooms, meetings.

Then, it was gone. We had had a particularly bad weekend at work (some of you know this) and after it I couldn't find it again. I looked everywhere. I thought it was in the BC server room, then the LC server room. Perhaps I left it in my boss' office, or my colleagues. Oh, wait, I bet I left it in the work area that they straightened out and found it. Nothing.

Today, my office mate's 2 1/2 year old son is playing in my office, and finds my mug, hidden under my desk in a place I never go.

Just like that, it's back in my life. It needs a cleaning (stale coffee in it for 2 weeks is not a pleasant smell) but it's back. I really like the color--it's a little more purple than a cobalt blue, which I think is my favorite color in the world. And there's no text or other adornment besides the little AOL guy. He's so cute.

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