Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Help a guy out?

I'm trying to install Mozilla on the wife's computer.

I'm like, a frickin' computer genius and all that, but here's the issue. I get through the setup screens, and it's just about ready to install files, and the computer shuts off. That's right, just powers off completely. It's not a low battery, it will do it when plugged in. I managed to get 1.4 on there once, but it will cause the computer to shut off while you're using it too.

Anyone ever seen this before. Is anyone's Google-fu good enough to find an article on this? Google needs a way to generically say "Bad" or "no" or "sucks" in a way that you can get all the references to things not working correctly. Various combinations like "mozilla install power down" or "mozilla install turn off" or such are way too generic. So I also need a generic way to say "it shuts off" that will somehow catch all permutations of saying that.

Anyway, I'd appreciate help.

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