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Car shopping

Test drove the Subaru Forester, Volkswagen Passat, Volvo V70, and Honda CR-V today. The order is pretty much our preferences at this point. The Subaru is best overall, although it doesn't necessarily excel in most things, and I think the Subaru is the image that is most associated with us. The Passat is a trip to drive but is a little more expensive and has a little less room than the Subaru. We liked the Volvo except neither of us could tilt the wheel up high enough, the car had a strange side-to-side rocking motion over rough pavement, and you can't get a sunroof without leather upholstery (when the salesman was told that was an issue for ethical reasons, he could do nothing but stare at his shoes.) And then there's Gunnar's assessment: "Are you ready to own a Volvo?" The CR-V's not bad but crosses just over the line into SUV territory in terms of lack of visibility out the ass end, and the feeling of rollover. Oh, and it's the tallest, and I won't be able to get the bikes on the roof rack without a stepstool.

Now, we go over reliability reports on our two favorites, find out how much they cost to insure, and then make a decision. Oh, and find one with precisely the right set of options for our needs. I think will be the way to go here.

Finally went bike riding (the first time in two weeks, last time being when I got poison ivy on my arm just from brushing a stalk sticking out into the road.) Felt good. Tomorrow, Colonial Park. A hard ride, but very pleasant and rewarding (about 20 miles, but I'm really out of shape.)

Tonight's motion picture selection is "Fight Club".

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