Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


Many of my favorite 70's and 80's rock bands have had their back catalogs painstakingly and beautifully remastered on CD (Yes, Genesis, Marillion, Rush, Peter Gabriel). Styx hasn't. I would pay good money for a set of remastered Styx albums. Rhino needs to buy the back catalog rights and start rereleasing them. With bonus tracks. My old A&M CDs of the band just don't cut it next to the sonic purity of the aformentioned remasters. The world deserves to hear Blue Collar Man in restored, 24-bit glory.

While they're at it they can remaster and rerelease the entire Joe Jackson catalog. A&M did the first two albums and they're great, but come on, do the rest. Oh yeah, and Warren Zevon while you're at it. Not just the 2 Virgin releases, but all of it. Some good stuff in there.

Finally, find whoever originally recorded Dire Straits' Making Movies and shoot them. The remaster, although an improvement, only brought out the fact that fundamentally, it wasn't well recorded. What a horrible, unrecoverable waste. I've got other albums from 1980 that sound much, much better. I've got albums from 1972 that sound better.

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