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Jan. 16th, 2004 @ 09:22 pm Meme time

Visited in italics, slept in bold, lived in underlined:

Arizona -- Also rode my bike 111 miles there in a day.
Arkansas -- We had an alternator put in our car there.
California -- Been there twice for conferences. Only Anaheim and San Diego.
Colorado -- Went to grad school there.
Connecticut -- For a wedding, and tried to go to Mystic once.
Delaware -- No sales tax!
Florida -- Visited my aunt, as well as origamislayer and stitchinthyme when they lived there.
Georgia -- Went to Plains, Georgia when I was a kid and my dad was a Democrat.
Hawaii -- Hiked Haleakala. Wow.
Illinois -- Stayed there for a month when my wife (then girlfriend) was in grad school. In January. The sun didn't come out at all for 3 weeks.
Indiana -- Nice interstate highways.
Iowa -- Stayed overnight after driving all the way through Nebraska, determined to do so in one day.
Kansas -- It's on the way from Oklahoma to Colorado.
Kentucky -- Although I stayed overnight, it was in the Cincinnati airport (which if you've been there, you know is in Kentucky).
Maine -- Bar Harbor, and friends.
Maryland -- Stayed overnight for a wedding and visiting friends
Massachusetts -- Boston a few times (twice for a visit, once for a conference)
Michigan -- Stayed overnight to visit a friend. Once had a 3 hour layover in Detroit.
Minnesota -- Used to shop there on Sundays when we lived in North Dakota due to blue laws.
Missouri -- Got a clutch there once.
Nebraska -- Usually just drove through, but stopped once.
New Hampshire -- Stayed in a great campground on US1 in the middle of it's transit through the state.
New Jersey -- Duh.
New Mexico
New York -- Born there! Visit all the time.
North Carolina -- Overnighted to or from Florida.
North Dakota -- Lived there. Well, my parents did while I was at college. But I stayed there for a January once. Talk about cabin fever.
Ohio -- I'm pretty sure I never slept there, unless you count that time I fell asleep while driving back from NJ after spending 18 hours there after driving 14 hours to there.
Oklahoma -- Lived there 2 years as a kid, go back all the time
Oregon -- Conference. I'll admit I chose it in part to get the state on my list of states I visited.
Pennsylvania -- Only stayed overnight a few times, but visit all the time.
Rhode Island -- Been to Providence twice, for the day.
South Carolina -- Just drove through. Never stayed at South of the Border, or even been there.
South Dakota
Tennessee -- It's between here and OK. Also stayed in Memphis but did not visit Graceland.
Texas -- Have family there, conferences, fly into it and drive to OK to visit family.
Utah -- Novell. Conferences.
Vermont -- Vacation
Virginia -- Lived there for 3 years. Junior high.
Washington -- Honeymooned there. Seattle is overrated, although pleasant.
West Virginia -- Have eaten brunch there. Love Harper's Ferry.
Wisconsin -- It's on the way to North Dakota!
Wyoming -- I had a car that when driving through on I-80 towards the mountains, the wind was so harsh that it cracked both my headlights. Thanks, Wyoming!
Washington, D.C. -- Visit periodically.
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