Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Meme thievery, plus

Here's what played on my Nomad Zen at work today:

cut to the chase -- rush
mount washington -- beth orton
lullaby -- joe jackson
bully -- steve winwood
alabama boy -- alice peacock
merica -- live
the ballad of jebediah springfield -- simpsons
still in love -- ben folds, william shatner
hope for the future -- marillion
hit somebody!  (the hockey song) -- warren zevon
renaissance man -- midnight oil
out of the shadows -- sarah mclachlan
lotus -- rem
myxomatosis -- radiohead
dark angel -- laurie anderson
limelight -- rush
posters -- dada
hell of a town -- joe jackson
shoot high aim low -- yes
not the same -- ben folds
take me as i am -- october project
awaken -- yes
you're not drinking enough -- don henley
stupid's song -- ani difranco and utah phillips
new york -- u2
return to me -- october project
i'm not gonna beg -- natalie merchant
what if we give it away? -- rem
so much more -- beth orton
drink! -- they might be giants
bang and blame -- rem
slave called shiver -- porcupine tree
splintering heart -- marillion
icon -- marillion
who dunnit?  -- genesis
your redneck past -- ben folds five
west of hollywood -- steely dan
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