Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

True confessions, part 2

Gilmore Girls.

Yeah, that's right, Gilmore-freakin-Girls.

First of all, Lauren Graham has some serious cred, appearing in NewsRadio, and I'm pretty sure a few episodes of Bob as well although the IMDB does not mention it. The supporting cast is full of neat people as well, it's a bizarre New England town in a Newhart-esque sort of way.

Then there's the writing--tons of dialog, rapid-fire cultural references from the most banal pop culture through 80's indie rock to classical art and literature. You've really got to pay attention because the banter is quite witty.

Again, beautiful people of course. Surely you can be confused wondering which Gilmore Girl is in fact the one you should be attracted to. Alexis Bledel has a long career ahead of her, the way she can carry a scene is amazing.

Again, like last night's true confession, a show that could easily be stupid and simplistic, but the attitude is way to clever for that. It's subtle and subversive while maintaining a veneer of family-friendly cuteness (we'll ignore the fact that the main characters are a woman who engaged in premarital sex and her bastard daughter).


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