Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


So, am I the only one who's watched this show yet? It's fun. Julian McMahon was annoying to me as Cole in Charmed (aside: I don't watch Charmed, it's my wife. At its best it can be watchable.) but this show makes him brilliant. I'm sure it's the writing and directing. My only complaint is that FX's motto should be "We say 'shit' after 10PM!" They're like a toddler who's just discovered the shock value of obscenity. Once you get over that, the show's just kind of this neat, dirty pleasure. Every once in a while it actually gets deep too.

Of course, if you're squeamish, watching plastic surgery is not something I can recommend. Of course, today I got to see a video at childbirth class, and let's just say I expect an interesting dream or two.
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