Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Salt Lake

Here we are. Hot and sunny. Spent the afternoon in a <>bookstore</a> and I think I may have left Paul there. Well, he's a big boy and can probably find his way back (you can see the hotel from the bookstore). If not, he can just get a cardboard sign and panhandle with the rest of the street urchins. Or I could go back there at 6 when they close and see if he comes out. Perhaps I should do that. I honestly figured he ditched me--I made a complete circuit of the store and didn't see him, but it's one of those bookstores where that's nearly impossible to begin with, and there are parts of the bookstore from which you may never be seen.

Tomorrow, I'm going hiking up at Alta. Then the conference will begin. Perhaps I should write our presentation.

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