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celaenodor the Interroginator

I was asked these a long time ago. I'm sorry I didn't get them done sooner.

1. You are going to be a contestant on the Iron Chef, where you have to prepare a meal of several courses. Each course has to use an ingredient that you won't know until the beginning of the show. What would your ideal ingredient be, and give some sort of indication of the courses you would create.

Cinnamon. You could make an appetizer with cinnamon and chili toasted cornbread, then a squash soup with cinnamon as one of the flavors (with nutmeg as well), a main course of a hearty stew of say, chickpeas and lentils, again flavored with cinnamon, perhaps with onion and garlic notes as well. Dessert--duh, something apple and cinnamon. A fruit compote topping for vanilla ice cream, perhaps.

2. Continuation of the previous question. If the ingredient were "raspberries", what would you do?


3. "Michael" is a pretty common name. Did you ever wish it were something else to make it easier to distinguish yourself from other Mikes? If so, what, and why that?

Luckily, I have my last name to help me out with my first name being very common. I'm very aware of the fact that people remember me better because of my last name. So I like my first name because it is simple and common. I'm like the anti-Winston Smith. I really don't know what I would change it to.

4. What's something makes you genuinely angry?

That not enough people really give a crap about learning all that they can, and thinking critically about things, making well-informed decisions whether it's buying a car or voting, and generally seem to drift through life never really understanding anything, and not even caring if they do. Also I'm annoyed by people who can't appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

5. What's something that's been discontinued (such as a food product, electronic, etc) that you really wish would make a comeback, and why?

7Up Gold. I kind of liked it--it had this flavor that was a cross between regular 7Up, ginger ale, and cola, it was different, and it had caffeine. Along the same lines I also enjoyed Cherry 7Up and Crystal Pepsi. I miss sodas that don't exist anymore, it weirds me out. Actually any time someone changes a food it weirds me out. Doritos are very different than when I was growing up--you can't cut your mouth open on the corners anymore, and the goo is very different tasting (actually less artificial.)

Spent the whole weekend doing house stuff. Still more to be done. Maybe tomorrow I can have fun a little too.

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