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1. What was the first album (or single) you purchased and why? Do you still own it?

Although I didn't actually purchase it, I gave my older brother the money to do so. It was Steve Martin's Wild and Crazy Guy back in 1979. I lost my original copy years ago, but picked up a replacement at a yard sale when I lived in Colorado.

If you want a musical answer, the first cassettes (because it was 1985) I bought on my own were Don Henley's Building the Perfect Beast and Phil Collins' No Jacket Required. I still own both of them, they are in my cassette racks below the loveseat I'm sitting upon now.

2. You majored in physics, when the obvious assumption would have been comp sci. How has your major applied to your awesome skills in network design and implementation?

That's an excellent question. Many of the people who are computer geeks like myself, and whose opinions I respect and generally think are much smarter than me, are in fact physicists by training. My physics training, specifically my graduate work, gave me analytical skills that I use every day. My troubleshooting and ability to pinpoint a problem come directly from working countless problem sets, looking for the answer. Some of the fundamentals of electromagnetism, information theory, and statistical mechanics I actually use quite frequently in an applied sense. There's also the fact that most of my graduate school physics research was working on computers. My former boss pointed out when I came back from grad school, I learned how to think a whole lot better.

3. What are you looking forward to most about your impending fatherhood?

Having someone around who hasn't heard all my corny jokes and will think they're funny. At least until they're a preteen.

4. You were directinator of the Aide Station before me. How did (and do) you deal with losing excellent employees and friends each year?

Kind of like how a parent deals with their children when they're ready to go off on their own. I just hope I was able to give them a little perspective and teach them a few things, and hope they come back to visit once in a while. I know that we've (the collective we there) have done a really good job giving people computer, personal, and all around skills that have helped them in whatever they do. That's the reward and makes the departures a little easier to take. I've also had a lot of goodbyes in my life due to moving frequently and I'm perhaps a little more jaded about it in general. The important people, you always hear from again.

5. How worried should I be about my preference for raspberry Vintage seltzer?

Very worried. Raspberry is all wrong. Citrus flavored seltzers are the only acceptable ones. Lemon, lime, orange. In that order.

Wow, those really weren't too bad. periol's are going to be more taxing emotionally.

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