Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


The wife and I decided to buy into the financial-industrial complex and order 3 in 1 credit reports through one of the major credit bureaus. Yes, you can get free ones, but it takes time and you can't get them online. Whatever, it's not like I have to pay for my LiveJournal account.

Anyway, my wife goes through the process, and then it says it will ask 2 questions about her credit report that only she will know. It says she may have opened a mortgage in December of 2000, and asks which bank from a list of banks and a loan term.

We did no such thing, so I say, "must be a trick question" and select NONE OF THE ABOVE for both questions. She passes and we move on, getting the credit report, which takes a minute to generate.

I then log in and do the same thing. I get basically the same two questions, with different banks, and terms, and a different start time. I too select NONE OF THE ABOVE as well and get through.

We then realize that in the amount of time it took it's highly unlikely they even looked at the reports (which took a minute to compile after we clicked through it) and the questions are tricks that are unlikely to ever be true for anyone. I wonder what happens if they are. I wonder if we had said a different answer what would have happened. They do say if you have trouble to call some toll free number to verify your identity, so perhaps if you answer anything else besides NONE OF THE ABOVE you're instructed to call.

By the way, our credit reports are okay.

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