Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


I renewed my paid account today.

Damn you, kingfox, damn you all to hell. If I hadn't made oidhche click on this link so many times, you never would have given me my last paid account, and I wouldn't have gotten hooked on this thing. I wouldn't have made a journal for dobiecat. I wouldn't have done polls. I wouldn't be answering people's questiong. Now, I must have the "fast servers".

Ah, what the hey, it's only $25 a year, it's not like I'm saving up for a house or anything.

Which, by the way, still eludes us. We saw some places today that all had potential. The most likely candidate had already had a contract on it today, but our realtor is telling them if the first deal falls through that we'll be interested. The other two houses--well, one was nice, but backed right up to 124 (much closer and noisier than our Route 22), the other was scary inside (original 1964, a little run down) and by our realtor's estimation about 15 or 20% overpriced, and on the market for 8 months, which means they're not being realistic. Oh yeah, and the backyard consists of 6 feet of concrete patio, then a steep hill that is bulging though a retaining wall. No room for the garden or the swingset.

And yet, we're still optimistic. We'd probably be able to pick a house of the ones we've looked at if we had to, we're just picky because we can be.

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