Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Runstaverundor the Interroginator

1) you are enough of a music fanatic to be able to answer this question thoughtfully: if you could put together a "super group" to record one album, who would be involved, keeping in mind that you not only want virtuosity, but to put people together who would sound good together.

That's actually a very hard question, and would change based on who I'm listening to at any given moment. Instead of playing a stupid fanboy game, I think I'll actually try and mix this up a bit. I'm also going to change the rules a bit and include separate songwriters and arrangers.

Songwriter: Warren Zevon (but this is because I'm listening to a Warren Zevon album right now)
Arranger: Joe Jackson
Lead Vocals: Bjork
Bass Guitar: Pete Trewavas
Keyboards: Steve Winwood (on screamin' Hammond B3, really. Can he do backing vocals too?)
Lead Guitar: Steve Rothery
Rhythm Guitar: John Wesley
Drums: Ged Lynch (from Peter Gabriel's current band)

One of many thousands of permutations.

2) If you weren't working with computers, what would you be doing?

The easy answer would be that I might have gotten my Physics Ph.D. and done that, probably teaching college level physics at a small liberal arts college if I could get away with it. But assuming that still wouldn't have happened, I don't really know. Maybe I would have gone all earthy-crunchy and worked in a natural foods store. Or maybe I would have done theatre or radio, and been a waiter because of it. Or, I might have tried my hand at music and ended up a roadie. Hopefully, a very good roadie.

3) It's a widely known fact that there are certain types of berries you don't enjoy. What is your favorite berry?

I love strawberries as much as I hate raspberries. Then, in roughly descending order, are cranberries and blueberries. Boysenberries are alright too. After that, it's a slippery slope into blackberries, mulberries, marionberries, and a bottomless pit down to the raspberry. Anything whose flavor is described as "wild berry" is pretty much right out.

4) Technology has advanced crazily since you were born... what is your prediction for what the world will be like when your child is your age?

I expect the kid will be having experiences where reality is constructed and stimulated into its mind directly. The world will either be an environmental paradise or an environmental disaster a la Blade Runner. Transglobal transportation will be nearly instantaneous due to high-speed vehicles or atomic transport. Everything will be a computer connected via high-speed data interfaces to everything else. We will live in orbit and on the Moon. This is provided that the bugs who live on Klendathu don't hurl a rock at us.

5) more interesting as an idea: Livejournal or Everything2? why?

Everything2. It's more laudable as a concept, it's actually full of useful information, and it's actually quite well thought out. Although, LiveJournal is more fun at this point, it's really mostly consistent of pointless ramblings by self-important jerks who really think that other people give a shit about what they think. Actually, Everything2's got a bit of that too. Lately, though, E2 has gotten a little fascistic, and I much prefer my stream-of-consciousness writing for the Internet, so I've been living on LJ pretty much exclusively since I found it. But, idealistically, E2's still got the edge.

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