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To heck with all of you.

I didn't mention on Wednesday I made another pilgrimage to Vintage Vinyl for a music purchasing orgy. I'm home alone for at least a few more minutes, so I'm going through them now.

First things first. An album that's been a pleasure to listen to is the new Styx album, Cyclorama. I'm gonna get clobbered for this one from both sides (people like kingfox who laugh at my taste for '70s and '80s American prog-pop, and people like origamislayer and stitchinthyme who think it heresy that there's a Styx album at all without Dennis DeYoung. But it's a good album. Great harmonies, good guitar work, solid musicianship, decent songwriting. And its got guests like Billy Bob Thornton, John Waite, Tenacious D, and Brian freakin' Wilson. I can't recommend it to anyone who's not already twisted like me, but I don't care. I'll enjoy it all by myself.

The other things I got:

Radiohead, Hail to the Thief: Okay, come on. How many of you really listened to Amnesiac more than 3 or 4 times? Don't be a poser. This album is actually listenable without being less musically interesting.

Mary Lee's Corvette, 700 Miles: She opened for Joe Jackson. 'Nuff said. Kind of a folky, country, clever pop singer-songwriter.

Warren Zevon, Wanted Dead or Alive and Sentimental Hygiene: Now that he's all dying and shit (although, at this writing, still alive) all his scummy record companies are rerelasing his material. I've never heard Wanted Dead or Alive so it's a strange treat--an early 70's rock album, but with touches of Zevonian greatness. Sentimental Hygiene never sounded so good. They did an excellent job on the remaster. I know understand why everyone thought this was such a great album.

Stuff I really haven't listened to yet include King Crimson's The Power To Believe, Steely Dan's Everything Must Go, Peter Gabriel's Rabbit Proof Fence, and 3 PG singles. But I'll get there. I also got in the mail a Marillion sampler from their live recording club, the 88-95 singles box set, and the DVD of their live performance of Afraid of Sunlight. Which, by the way, is awesome. Anyone who hasn't heard "Gazpacho" has not heard what is really a nearly perfect song.

I've babbled quite a bit. More music.

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