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Mikedor the Bookreadinator

I've been reading books. One is The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. It's pretty good, he gets a little full of himself (which, ironically, is the same issue I had with Tsutomu Shimomura's Takedown), and he repeats a lot of stuff in an attempt to drive home his point, and it's not at all technical which is also part of the point. His descriptions of social engineering attacks are good to hear. I wish he had spent a little more time with deflection, and had a few unsuccessful scenarios, even though they would go like this:

Man: What's your dial-in number?
Computer support: And who, exactly, are you?
Man: I'm your best friend!
Computer support: You're not authorized. Bite me. Click.

It sure got me thinking of some things to do to improve the situation at my own workplace. So go and check it out of the library, or buy it.

The other book is What Liberal Media? by Eric Alterman. I've just started this one but it looks really good, a retort to Bias and the myth of the liberal media. Alterman is using facts and things like that to counter misinformation and meaningless babble. Buy it too.

People should read more. Books are good. Information is good.

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