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Jul. 14th, 2002 @ 12:16 pm Been a while
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Just got back last night from a conference in Cambridge, MA. This is my annual "hang out with other schools who use Novell stuff and drink heavily. A lot of fun except that the hotel (and I won't tell you its name, but it rhymes with "Flyatt Tregency Maimbridge") had a major case of sick building syndrome. As in, everyone at this conference had a sore throat and stuffy noses all week. It was actually kind of nasty. As the conference organizer said, the ballroom we were in smelled like a dog show.

That, and staying up until 4 am on Thursday night and 2:30 am on Friday night (saw friends who live in Cambridge on Friday night, one of which was celebrating his birthday, and his wife thought it would be fun to go to Dave and Buster's--catch being, that's in Providence, RI, about an hour's drive) means I'm quite exhausted now. I'm just hoping I'm not sick, although I can't tell yet. Need more sleep.

Today's big project is filing, and cleaning up old files. Sometimes I think I don't know how to file at all. I mean, I never was taught how to file (I don't even know if they teach such things. I assume they might in secretarial school, or whatever they call it nowadays (professional assistants' school?) but I never got a lesson. So there are piles all over the house of credit card statements, bank statements, pay stubs, car repair receipts, etc. I'll figure it all out.

I guess I'm looking forward to work tomorrow. Been away for most of the last two weeks, and it's always fun to come back and see what's happened. I'm just wondering who edited the Academic Technology home page with the new computer information. There's a few typos and inaccuracies.
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