Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

still sick

So, I started the antibiotics on Thursday morning, and I think my ears were clearing up, but my fever and aches remained unchanged. I went back to the doctor and got reexamined. They took some blood and did a CBC (Complete Blood Count. After 9 years of ER I now know what it is) and some other tests. Turns out my white cell count is still high which means the antibiotic isn't really working. So they gave me a different one (an unknown cousin of the world-famous Cipro(tm)) and we'll see how this goes. They also are doing more blood work just in case, like a Lyme disease test. Oh, I also don't have mono.

Hopefully the antibiotic will start working soon. That's the plan at least. Meanwhile, I'm still at home, trying to get comfortable, trying to get sleep. I feel like I've had this for a month, and I just want it gone.

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