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Junk day

This weekend is the culmination of what I believe to be a bizarre ritual. Monday begins the week where Green Brook picks up random junk that's too big to be disposed of in the normal trash. They'll be coming around with big trucks carting stuff off to dump, who knows where.

People have been bringing out stuff to the curb for about a week until now. All kinds of things--scrap building materials, furniture, appliances, tools, etc. That's not the weird part. The weird part is the steady stream of vehicles patrolling our neighborhood, rummaging through piles, taking other people's garbage. Now, to be fair, in years past we've done this as well, but as we're contemplating a move this years, we're now a net exporter than importer. We had an old sofa and loveseat in the basement, a TV cart we inherited with the house that we're not moving to the next one, all 3 of the air conditioners (now before you get mad, thinking these would be great contributions for a summer student, say, these things all had significant problems as well as nasty smells that were unfixable, and most dripped water into the room instead of out of the window, even though, the air coming out of them was colder than the air going into them. One of them had a spliced power cord--I've never plugged it in) we got with the house, some old VCRs that didn't work, etc. So we put them out. The ACs and the electronics are gone. It occured to us that HVAC contractors would take the ACs for the Freon alone, I guess. No one wants the old, 1971 vintage rust brown sofa, for some reason. When we put out the sofa, a Swiss Army knife fell out of it, one that I had lost at least 7 years ago. We also found some money and a nail file. Cool. To get the sofa out of the basement we had to saw off the feet and remove the railing to the basement--which we didn't have to do to get it down there. I blame this on our new boiler, which is farther into the room than the old boiler was, and affects how you can hoist things up the stairs.

So, if you're looking for junk, drive through Green Brook tonight, although I'm guessing the best stuff is already gone.

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