Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

I'm back. Didja miss me?

My elaborate plan of live updates from BrainShare did not come to pass. Monday afternoon, in the middle of a session, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got sick. Probably an amalgam of whatever was going around acadtech and the wife's workplace. Constant phlegm, and my throat was on fire. I stumbled through the conference on Advil and cough drops, unable to talk much at all, or consume large quantities of alcohol as is the custom in Utah. I still had a good conference, but it definitely was muted quite a bit. I only started to get better after Friday night's dinner in a Thai restaurant, with searingly hot curried tofu working its magic.

Then on a plane Saturday morning to Florida, to meet up with said wife, on our "last hurrah" as it were. Of course, my ears fill up from the pressure changes and I'm half deaf in an ear. Get the wife, get the rental car, and drive to Florida City. The Comfort Inn is lovely there, and found an actually quite decent Italian place in Homestead. Then on Sunday (Easter!) we drive to the Keys, to our bed and breakfast. The place was nice, but quite frankly, a bit bizarre. We did a day in Key West, a day at a state park, and a day just hanging out. Then Wednesday we drove to Pembroke Pines, to where my 87-year-old aunt lives in Century Village, which is also a bit bizzare (a 20,000 person senior condo complex). Stayed with her for a few days, ate too much and came home.

Now, the craziness begins.

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