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From Salt Lake City

Well here I am. Funny things that have happened so far:

The pilot on the flight was nuts. I mean, he was giving us random history facts, like that yesterday in 1843 I think the first patent for a fireproof safe was issued. He said that when he got his pilot's license he would keep it in a fireproof safe. Stuff like that. I would expect it if I were flying Southwest, but this was Delta.

I get to the airport, go to baggage claim, and downstairs is a limo driver holding up a sign for someone. The sign says "Novell". I should have walked over to him, and said, "Why, yes, I'm Novell!" but did not.

I get to my room and turn on the TV and this is what I see. Luckily if I changed channels it worked. It's still on there this morning. I'm pretty sure it's Windows 95.

Today, exciting BrainShare registration. Oh yeah, yesterday the website said "1 days to BrainShare" and now it says "0 days to BrainShare".

I'm going to go to the fitness room and then scavenge some breakfast.

I'll try and post pictures of my escapades out here in Utah. BrainShare is, after all, slightly odd.
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