Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

CDs I own that apparently are actually worth something

Negativland, U2: This is a great CD, made rare by the fact that Negativland and SST records were sued by U2, Island Records, and Kasey Kasem, and all copies were pulled from record stores. If you have it, you're lucky. I actually found a used copy of it in my favorite CD store in Fort Collins at the time, bought it for the standard CD single price ($4), and then told them what it was. A copy's on eBay for $40 right now, but I've seen it for over $100 in places.

Joe Jackson, Night And Day, MFSL CD: I bought this because it was the best version of the recording when I got it. MFSL CDs were really cool anyway--gold instead of aluminum, and always high quality due to the mastering process. This one seems to be well over $100. Copies on Amazon are $125 or so. I also have the MFSL release of Will Power, and I can't even find any copies of that for sale. It's also one of the first MFSL CDs, so I imagine it's worth quite a bit of money.

Joe Jackson, Beat Crazy CD: This is out of print, and I'm seeing copies in the $50-$80 range. I didn't realize it was in demand. I'm thinking though, Joe's new album and tour are making his stuff worth a bit more.

Not that I'm selling anything, but it's neat to know. I'm sure I have some other things in the 700 or so discs. I suppose I should look harder.

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