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Mar. 15th, 2003 @ 08:17 pm omg! my friend celaeno turned me on to this !
omg omg omg ! my inlaws just left! tehy were down in williamsburgh and they came up to visit us for the day. kewl, but i like totally had to study for my exam this morning at njit! so i told them, ' hey , u can visit if you want, but you can't have the guestroom!' so they stayed in a hotel. they took us out for tai food though--those tai people really make yummy food!

i rocked on my exam! NJIT though is so ghetto! its like rite in the middle of Newark- whats up with that? i cant wait until i have my masters degree then i will RULE THE WORLD ha ha just kidding. . anyway they visited with the wife and stuff and then i came home and we talked about stuff and then had dinner at our favorite italian place an d then they drove home. .

2morrow i think i will by a coupla shirts at van heusen , or maybe target! I asked the wife to buy me a new pair of socks and shes all like 'FOAD! get yer own socks! lazy f-in baztard!" and I'm all like 'hey! I work hard! i bought you that new suburu in the driveway, so GMAB, 'k?' she wants new pants too! i may ride the cannondale tomorrow if its warm like they say it will b - - i love my bike! it cost more than some people's cars! only poor people cars tho .

trading space s is a rerun tonite - -- that hildy is such a beeatch!

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Date:March 17th, 2003 01:38 pm (UTC)
are you alright there, mike?

too much reading of the other journals, methinks...