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Quick little vignettes about the Vermont trip

It was fun, we had a great time.

1) I have never seen as many mosquitos as we saw at North Hero State Park. It looks like someone was burning me with cigarette butts on my legs (if you ask real nice I'll show you.) I would look down and there would be 5 or 6 of them sucking on my ankles. It got to the point where I didn't want to go back there. At least the tent kept them out. Well, until we had to leave the tent, whence upon returning we'd then have to play "Kill the mosquito" for about 5 minutes and hope we got them all. There are smears of blood inside our tent from this game. (BTW, although the wife is an animal-friendly vegetarian and gets mad when other insects are killed, she has no problem with killing mosquitos herself. The line is drawn when they attack her.)

2) Apparently high temps in the mid-90s and stifling humidity, with "lows" in the mid-70s is not normal Vermont weather. Who knew. Amazingly, it was still cooler there than it was in New Jersey.

3) Coolest part of the trip: Bicycling into Canada. We're at the border crossing being interrogated by customs, and at the end the Canadian agent says "In honor of Canada Day, have these Canadian flag pins as our gift." (Yes we were in Canada on Canada Day. It's not the first time either.) How cool is that? The pins are on our Camelbak straps. I can only assume if you go into the US today from the Canadian border, you get little US flag pins.

4) Burlington: Funky with a capital F.

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