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I'm fleshing out my friends list a bit. I added a few syndicated feeds (including onepeoplefeed, which my old buddy Gunnar runs, and runs well, I might add), I added crescentdude becuase he's funny, and I do know him in meatspace after all, and I added jwz, not because I'm some sort of groupie like kingfox, but because of his new icon:

It fits with my own explorations lately.

Did some more open housing today. Found one I really liked except the driveway isn't long enough and there's no fireplace. Yes, I'm that picky. Oh, and the kitchen was original to the house (1966). Beautifully maintained, but it would need to be ripped out, extended out the back, and renovated along with the adjacent dining room and family room, to make a party space. But we could save up for that, it's functional for now. We would have to change out the yellow wallpaper though, and the orange shutters really won't do either. But the house had good bones, and that's what's important. Who knows what will happen now.

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