Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Air freshener my ass.

This is a little jot to all of you who have those "tree" or "leaf" "air fresheners", or worse, the little "crown" ones that you put on the rear deck of your car (although, thankfully, those seem to have died down in popularity. I once asked a friend why he thought they were so popular, and he merely replied, "I'm king of my car!"):

Stop it. You're "freshening" nothing. You're making your car smell like an auto parts shop or a K-Mart. There is nothing fresh about the smell of car air fresheners. They smell like stale perfume, regardless of the "flavor".

And, I wouldn't care if the smell stayed inside your car. The thing is, the weather this week meant we're all driving around with our windows open, and I can smell your air freshener if you're 3 cars in front of me. I'm enjoying the beautiful, crisp, actually fresh air and then I get in the wake of your stupid Vanillaroma leaf and my idyllic early summer enjoyment is ruined. Thanks a lot.

Can't you people smell how nasty these things are? I'd rather have car mildew than this. If you do have car mildew, stop trying to outdo it with a stronger, nastier smell, and get it cleaned, or air the car out. Geez.


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