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Mar. 2nd, 2003 @ 08:22 pm PBS, why have you forsaken me?
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This week is one of the many public broadcasting pledge drive weeks. I'm a WNYC listener, and I don't mid their pledge break any more than necessary. They do their usual thing, and break in begging for money. And they give you cool stuff.

All three of the PBS stations we get, however, suck. It's gotten worse in the last couple of years, too. Usually, my weekend TV watching consists largely of PBS cooking and home improvement shows, which I enjoy immensely. If they continued to show these with pledge breaks in the middle, that'd be fine. But instead, they show stupid, inane things that do not belong on public television--and they keep showing the same things over and over. I don't want to see "The (nationality or ethnic group) (vocal range)s" again. Put the "Doo Wop Zombies Brain Eating Soul" on a commercial cable station. The Suze Orman shows--aren't they just infomercials for her books? And the cooking shows--they're remedial crap, none of the panache and gusto I've come to expect from Michael, Lidia, Mollie, et al. The worst are the hours and hours of remedial handy tips by some really creepy guy whose name I've blocked for my own sanity.

Come on, guys. If you insist on preempting your regular programming, show things that have something to do wtih PBS. Give me a Ken Burns miniseries (one time a few years ago they showed "New York"--man, that was good. The whole thing.) A marathon of "This Old House" or "Nova" or something. They show stuff during pledge breaks they show at no other time. What's the point?

Perhaps what I need to do is organize a campain telling the stations I'll double my contributions if they show better stuff during pledge breaks. I'm not even saying to get rid of the pledge breaks, just don't make them completely unwatchable. I figure, though, they must do it because it works. If a few thousand people would go along with me, my plan would work better, and they'd do it. Who's with me?
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Date:March 2nd, 2003 09:33 pm (UTC)
I too, will give them double, no! triple! (hmmm, well, both double AND triple, I guess) my current pledge if they play things that are good. (Frontier House was on during a pledge day, and that was incredibly watchable (more than one complete time in a day)

If you want lots of stuff, though, the nice people at WFMU are the ones to give to. And, even better they make their marathon listenable, and they only do it once per year!

(it starts Monday morning sometime I think, so It's coming up very very soon!)